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Luxury Tasting Experience: Coffee Carmen at €638 per Cup in the Heart of China

Explore the extraordinary world of Coffee Carmen, a craft offering from Pumpli House in China priced at €638 per cup. This exquisite blend uses Geisha beans with a rich, enveloping taste, sourced from the ‘Best of Panama’ auction at an astounding cost of approximately €9329.16 per kilogram. HANGZHOU (China) – Coffee Carmen, a delicacy offered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, is making waves with its extravagant price of 4,988 yuan per cup, equivalent to around €638.



FUTURA Coffee Roaster by Tosto Io

Welcome to the review of the FUTURA Coffee Roaster by Tosto Io, an excellent coffee machine primarily used in coffee shops, bars, and restaurants. This

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