Coffee beans Linea Bar Caffè in grani miscela Extra by the artisanal roaster Janus

Welcome to the review of “Linea Bar Caffè in grani miscela Extra,” an exquisite blend of roasted coffee offered by Janus Artisanal Roastery. This high-quality coffee finds its ideal use in coffee shops, bars, and restaurants. The manufacturer promises a perfect balance between two different types of coffee, with 70% Arabica in the cup, providing a coffee with a round body and a sweet flavor enriched by persistent caramel and hazelnut notes.

1. Packaging:

The exterior design and packaging are carefully crafted to preserve the freshness of the coffee.

2. Features and Technical Specifications:

Here are some technical specifications: “The blend is roasted every day to ensure product freshness. Thanks to complete control over the production phases, orders are processed promptly. The coffee is packaged in airtight containers to safeguard its aroma, resulting from the meticulous selection and choice of beans.”

3. Countries of Origin for Green Coffee Beans: Central America, Brazil, India, and Africa.

4. Intensity: 7 out of 10.

5. Baristas’ Feedback:

We include comments and opinions from professional baristas who have used this blend in their work environment: “All baristas using this blend are very satisfied and wouldn’t change it. Customer rating is 4.65 out of 5.”


In conclusion, the roasted coffee blend “Linea Bar Caffè in grani miscela Extra” by Janus Artisanal Roastery is an outstanding choice for various businesses, including coffee shops, bars, and restaurants. Its captivating flavor profile, meticulous bean selection, and user-friendliness make it an excellent choice for coffee enthusiasts and industry professionals alike. This coffee is capable of meeting and surpassing the expectations of every consumer.

For more information about the “Linea Bar Caffè in grani miscela Extra” blend and to discover how it can enrich your coffee experience, we invite you to visit the product page at Janus Artisanal Roastery.

For more information visit the manufacturer's website

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