FUTURA Coffee Roaster by Tosto Io

Welcome to the review of the FUTURA Coffee Roaster by Tosto Io, an excellent coffee machine primarily used in coffee shops, bars, and restaurants. This roaster can handle any blend or single-origin coffee, from a minimum quantity of 250g up to 2kg per cycle, and it operates continuously and sequentially thanks to its constant and fully automated process. The roaster independently manages all stages of roasting, peeling, unloading, and cooling the coffee, eliminating the need for operator interventions.

1. Design and Aesthetics:

The FUTURA Coffee Roaster by Tosto Io features a refined design with wooden finishes and a sturdy steel body, combining elegance with a modern appearance. The multifunctional LCD graphic display provides easy-to-read information, facilitating the monitoring of the roasting operations.

2. Features and Technical Specifications:

Here is a list of key technical specifications of the FUTURA Coffee Roaster:

– Roasting capacity from 250g up to 2kg per cycle, with a cycle duration between 12 and 20 minutes, even consecutively without interruptions.

– Touch display and internal sensors for real-time monitoring of phases, temperatures, and roasting curves.

– Preloaded roasting programs, with the possibility to customize new ones based on specific needs.

– “Manual” function for adjusting roasting parameters at any time.

– Automatic expulsion, cooling, and peeling system for the coffee, with the option of manual intervention if necessary.

– Innovative pre-thermal abatement system for optimal roasting.

– Autonomous external cooling and removable collection drawer for easy cleaning.

– PRO version available with an inspection solution for even more precise control.

– Double insulation for perfect thermal control and maximum operator safety.

– Electric power supply, eliminating the need for gas or installations.

– Compact size, ideal for countertop use.

– Customization options for colors.

– No authorization required for installation.

– CE certified, designed and built in Italy using high-quality materials such as stainless steel.

3. User-Friendliness:

The FUTURA Roaster’s ergonomics and usability are remarkable, though it requires minimal technical preparation for coffee roasting. The controls are intuitive, simplifying daily operations.

4. Cleaning and Maintenance:

Daily cleaning is crucial for the proper functioning of the roaster. Fortunately, the presence of removable parts makes cleaning operations simple and practical.

5. Performance:

The FUTURA Coffee Roaster delivers excellent performance, thanks to preloaded roasting profiles and the ability to customize new ones. Real-time monitoring of phases and temperatures allows for greater control and flexibility during roasting.

6. Durability and Robustness:

While long-term data is not available for this model, the build quality and components used suggest a long-lasting coffee roaster.

7. Baristas’ Feedback:

Let’s now gather the comments and opinions of professional baristas who have used the FUTURA Coffee Roaster in their establishments. The FUTURA Roaster by TOSTO IO received a score of 4.75.


The FUTURA Coffee Roaster by Tosto Io proves to be an excellent choice for coffee roasting needs in the HoReCa sector. Its elegant design, advanced features, and user-friendliness make it ideal for industry professionals. Despite the lack of long-term data, the current performance and build quality suggest a promising future for this roaster.

Technical Specifications of the FUTURA Coffee Roaster by Tosto Io:

Roasting Capacity250g – 2kg per cycle
Cycle Duration12-20 minutes, even consecutively without interruptions
Touch DisplayYes
Preloaded Roasting ProgramsYes
Pre-Thermal Abatement SystemYes
Autonomous External CoolingYes
PRO Version with Inspection SolutionYes
Double InsulationYes
Power SupplyElectric
SizeCountertop, compact
Customizable ColorsYes
CE CertificationYes

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