Host Milano 2023: Excellence in Innovation in Hospitality


Host Milano 2023, the 43rd edition of this globally celebrated event, once again demonstrated its unmatched position as the ultimate destination for cutting-edge solutions in the professional hospitality, out-of-home services, and food retail industries. In this article, we will explore the highlights of the event, emphasizing its role as the global epicenter of innovation in the hospitality industry.

International Confluence:

With over 180,000 trade visitors, of which over 42% were international, coming from 166 countries, Host Milano 2023 transcended borders. Professionals from North and South America, the Gulf countries, Asia, and all across Europe came together to witness the future of innovation in hospitality.

High-Quality Business Meetings:

What truly set Host Milano apart was the quality of business meetings. Among the participants were over 700 highly-profiled hosted buyers and spontaneous buyers, many of whom were key decision-makers with substantial purchasing power. The event provided an outstanding platform for direct interactions between exhibitors and buyers, fostering innovation.

Revelation of Revolutionary Innovations:

Leading players from over 50 countries showcased their latest technologies and solutions, some of which were not yet available in their respective markets. Host Milano is the top destination for companies to introduce innovations that cater to evolving market needs.

For instance, M. Afraz from Saudi Arabia was impressed by the cutting-edge machinery he found at Host Milano 2023, which were not present in the catalogs or local trade shows. In Italy, L. Colonna and L. Di Santo, executives of a major Argentine distributor with a strong domestic food production component, found compact multipurpose machines ideal for their transition from large stores to smaller city outlets. These innovations also included food products not yet widespread in their countries, making Host Milano an unparalleled source of inspiration.

Emphasis on Sustainability:

Host Milano 2023 highlighted the importance of sustainability and eco-friendly innovations. The Smart Label – Host Innovation Award recognized sustainable technologies, such as highly efficient induction devices, which have a significant impact on energy savings.

Learning from the Masters:

Education and professional development took center stage at Host Milano. The event offered over 800 sessions, often led by masters of various specialties. A notable feature was the ChocolateCulture@Host23 by maître chocolatier Davide Comaschi, which delved into chocolate from science to culture to business. The World Panettone Championship made its debut, and it was won by Italy in its first edition.

Celebration of Excellence:

Excellence was celebrated through various championships, including the World Cake Designers Championship, the World Tiramisu Championship, and the National Cheesecake Championship, among others. The event also hosted the European Pizza Championship, the Coffee Village with competitions like the Eighth Grand Prix of Italian Coffee Making, and the World Latte Art Championship.

Manuela Fensore emerged as the champion of the Milano Latte Art Challenge, solidifying her status as a Latte Art expert.

The Path Forward:

The success of Host Milano 2023 underscores its significance as a catalyst for industry growth and a source of inspiration. The 44th edition will take place from October 17 to 21, 2025, promising even more innovation, inspiration, and excellence.


Host Milano 2023 was more than just an event; it was a celebration of innovation, quality, sustainability, and the pursuit of excellence. With professionals and experts from around the world coming together, the event truly upheld its reputation as the global epicenter of innovation in the hospitality industry.

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