Calliope Professional Coffee Machine by Prima Musa

The Professional Coffee Machine Calliope 2 Groups by Prima Musa has been designed to meet the needs of cafes, bars, and restaurants, offering high-quality coffee. The PID system ensures optimal thermal stability, while the copper boiler and copper tubes guarantee superior performance.

Design and Aesthetics:

The Calliope features a classic and refined design, with fine wood finishes and vibrant colors that add elegance to the environment. The sturdy stainless steel and painted steel body convey a sense of solidity, while the multifunctional and multilingual graphical display facilitates usability.

Features and Technical Specifications:

The machine boasts a 14-liter copper boiler and a powerful 3500W heating element, ensuring quick coffee preparation. The compact size optimizes space in the establishment. The possibility of dose programming and boiler temperature control via PID offer customization.


The ergonomics of the Calliope simplify coffee extraction, thanks to filters and portafilters with optimal angle and ergonomics. Displays for boiler water level and temperature facilitate daily operations.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

As with all professional coffee machines, daily cleaning is essential for high-quality coffee. Filters and portafilters should be washed with running water and specific detergents, while showerheads require thorough cleaning.


The Calliope offers excellent coffee extraction performance, with thermal stability guaranteed by the PID system. The steam is continuous and abundant, without pressure drops, while hot water dispensing is excellent for teas and infusions.

Durability and Robustness:

Although long-term data is missing, the machine reveals a solid construction and the use of high-quality components, suggesting prolonged durability over time.

Barista Feedback:

Professional baristas have expressed positive feedback on the Calliope, appreciating its performance and usability.


The Professional Coffee Machine Calliope by Prima Musa is an ideal solution for cafes, bars, and restaurants that aim to offer an excellent coffee experience. Its elegant design, stable performance, and user-friendliness make it suitable for the needs of even the most demanding baristas. Although long-term data is missing, the solid construction suggests prolonged durability. Prima Musa’s young brand promises a promising future.

We highly recommend the Calliope Coffee Machine to professional baristas and HoReCa companies seeking to offer high-quality coffee.

Technical Specifications of the Professional Coffee Machine Calliope Prima Musa:

Boiler Capacity14 liters
Heating Element4500W
Dose ProgrammingYes
Boiler Temperature ControlYes, electronically managed with PID
Removable Work SurfaceYes

The Professional Coffee Machine Calliope by Prima Musa receives an average score of 4.5 out of 5.

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