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In today’s article, we will explore in detail the different types of espresso coffee machines available on the market and discover which ones are most suitable for a professional barista like you.

Espresso coffee machines are mainly divided into four categories: lever, semi-automatic, automatic, and super-automatic. Each of these has its advantages and disadvantages, but we know that as a professional barista, you always seek the best solution to deliver a perfect coffee to your customers.

Let’s start with the lever machine. These machines, with their classic and artisanal design, are appreciated by baristas who desire total control over the extraction process. Manual regulation allows for creating unique espressos, perfectly tailored to each customer’s preferences. However, they require some practice and expertise in handling, making them more suitable for those who are passionate about coffee preparation.

Semi-automatic machines are a very popular choice among professional baristas. These machines combine the ease of use of automatic machines with the possibility of manually adjusting some extraction parameters. This allows you to customize each espresso and adapt it to the preferences of your most demanding customers. The versatility and coffee quality make these machines perfect for bars and restaurants.

Moving on to automatic machines, we find an excellent solution for baristas seeking efficiency and convenience. With the press of a single button, you will obtain a perfect espresso for every extraction, without having to manually manage extraction parameters. These machines are ideal for high-traffic locations, where speed is essential to satisfy customers.

Finally, super-automatic machines represent the epitome of convenience and automation. With these machines, you can prepare various coffee-based beverages with a simple press of a button. Perfect for crowded places like train stations or airports, where speed and convenience are crucial. However, we would like to mention that these machines may be less suitable for those who desire a more in-depth control of the extraction process.

In our opinion, for a professional barista, automatic machines represent the best solution. They will allow you to consistently achieve the perfect espresso with the right temperature, pressure, and extraction time for the coffee blend, ensuring excellent results in a fast, continuous, and efficient manner.

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