MST-64P Electronic Coffee Grinder by Remidag

Welcome to the review of the MST-64P Electronic Coffee Grinder model by Remidag, a compact and reliable solution for coffee shops, bars, and restaurants. With 64 mm flat burrs, an aluminum and steel body, and a powerful motor, it promises a consistent grind that respects the organoleptic qualities of roasted coffee, thanks to the on-demand grinding system.

1. Design and Aesthetics:

The classic design and touch screen make the MST-64P an elegant and modern device that seamlessly blends into any environment. The vibrant colors add a touch of personality, and the choice of high-quality materials ensures durability over time.

2. Features and Technical Specifications:

– Coffee bean container capacity: 1.2 kg

– Continuous micrometric adjustment: The option of fine grind adjustment allows for the ideal grind level for each type of coffee, ensuring a perfect extraction of flavors.

– Removable coffee outlet spout: The ease of cleaning is guaranteed by the practical removable coffee outlet spout, allowing for quick and accurate maintenance.

– Single-dose dispensing in less than 2 seconds: The machine responds promptly to dosing requests, enabling fast and precise service.

– Single/double-dose dispensing with a press button: The option of single and double dosing with a simple button makes the MST-64P even more intuitive and versatile.

– Intuitive multilingual digital display: The digital display offers a clear and user-friendly interface, even for users with different languages.

– LED-backlit capacitive controls with 7 colors: The backlit capacitive controls facilitate machine management even in low-light environments, while the 7 different colors add a touch of elegance.

Accessories and Optional Features:

– PR-STACO “Pressino applicable under the coffee grinder’s display.”

– Red Speed Burrs: These optional burrs offer greater precision and speed in coffee grinding.

– Cooling Fan: The optional cooling fan ensures better heat dissipation during prolonged use, preventing overheating.

– 600g Hopper: Adding a 600g hopper allows for a larger coffee bean storage capacity, reducing the number of refills needed.

3. User-Friendliness:

Well-positioned buttons and quick and easy grind and dosing adjustments make the MST-64P easy to use, even for those approaching an electronic coffee grinder for the first time. The ease of interaction with the digital interface ensures smooth and intuitive operation.

4. Cleaning and Maintenance:

Like all grinders and dosing grinders, the MST-64P requires general cleaning to ensure prolonged and optimal operation. Removable parts simplify the cleaning process and help maintain the machine in hygienic conditions.

5. Performance:

The MST-64P has met our performance standards in normal use, offering quality performance and consistent results over time. The uniformity of the grind and fast dispensing contribute to a better experience for the barista and customers.

6. Durability and Robustness:

The build quality and use of high-quality components suggest a long-lasting machine, supporting intense and prolonged use over time without compromising performance.

7. Baristas’ Feedback:

Professional baristas have positively evaluated the MST-64P, acknowledging its precision in grinding and operational reliability. (Rating from 1 to 5: [Insert the rating])


The MST-64P Electronic Coffee Grinder by Remidag proves to be an excellent choice for coffee grinding needs in HoReCa settings. Its combination of advanced features, elegant design, and user-friendliness makes it ideal for industry professionals. Although long-term data is not available, the solid construction and Remidag’s brand reputation suggest a promising future for this electronic coffee grinder.

Technical Specifications of the MST-64P Electronic Coffee Grinder by Remidag:

Coffee Bean Container Capacity1.2 kg
Continuous Micrometric AdjustmentYes
Removable Coffee Outlet SpoutYes
Single-Dose Dispensing in Less than 2 SecondsYes
Single/Double-Dose Dispensing with Press ButtonYes
Intuitive Multilingual Digital DisplayYes
LED-Backlit Capacitive Controls with 7 ColorsYes
Accessories and Optional FeaturesPR-STACO, Red Speed Burrs, Cooling Fan, 600g Hopper
Dimensionscm 20 x 27 x 51 (H)
Power400 Watts – 220-240v / 50-60Hz
Motor Speed1400 g/min – rpm
Net WeightKg. 12.5
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