The Comeback of Home Coffee: A Guide to Purchasing Professional Machines


With changing habits during the pandemic, the ritual of coffee has shifted to domestic spaces and workplaces. This has led many enthusiasts to seek solutions to replicate the bar experience, resulting in the purchase of professional coffee machines for home use.

Features to Consider:

Brewing Group:

  • Standard: Suitable for those seeking a good cup without too many frills.
  • E61: The heavy-duty E61 group offers optimal performance, ensuring a high-quality brew.

Pump Type:

  • Vibration: For those who desire a valid option, albeit less common in commercial-grade machines.
  • Rotary: Ensures high performance and is commonly used in cafes.

Boiler Type:

  • Single: Uses a heat exchanger for both steam and coffee, offering versatility but requiring attention during use.
  • Double: Separates steam and coffee, allowing greater control and precision.

Pressure Pump and PID:

  • Pressure Switch: A mechanical interrupt that regulates the electric flow to the heating element.
  • PID: An electronic system more precise in managing the power supply, ensuring a constant temperature.

Ease of Use:

  • Pods and Capsules: Simple and fast to use, suitable for those seeking convenience.
  • Professional Machines: Require careful preparation and can vary pressure and temperature, offering greater customization.

Convenience and Cleaning:

  • Pods and Capsules: Minimize mess, ideal for those with limited time.
  • Professional Machines: Require more thorough cleaning, but the extra attention translates to a high-quality espresso.


The purchase of a professional coffee machine for home use requires a careful evaluation of personal preferences. Despite the additional preparation and cleaning, the satisfaction of enjoying an authentic espresso in one’s own space is a luxury many intend to savor.

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