Sustainable Innovation and Energy Saving with Prima Musa Coffee Machines

The realm of coffee machines embraces sustainable innovation, and Prima Musa takes the lead with the Apollo and Calliope models. These machines not only deliver a high-quality coffee experience but also integrate advanced features for energy efficiency, contributing to cost reduction and a lower environmental footprint.

Smart Standby Mode:

The Apollo and Calliope machines come equipped with an intelligent Standby mode. When the machine is not in use, this feature lowers the internal temperature, significantly reducing energy consumption. It’s a clever and practical approach to ensure energy efficiency without compromising performance when needed.

Programmable Automatic Start and Shutdown:

Both machines offer the option for programming automatic start and shutdown. Users can set specific times, tailoring the machine’s operation to their needs. This not only simplifies day-to-day management but also ensures the machine is operational only when necessary, further reducing energy consumption.

Automatic Shutdown on Closure Days:

Another distinctive feature is the automatic shutdown on closure days. This function allows users to program the machine to turn off automatically on non-working days, helping maximize energy savings when the establishment is closed.

These features are not only environmentally friendly but also translate into significant long-term savings for Prima Musa machine users. The thoughtful design aimed at minimizing environmental impact represents a tangible commitment to a more sustainable future.

With Prima Musa, quality coffee meets environmental responsibility. Stay tuned for further innovations and updates on, where excellence meets sustainability.

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